Veteran party rocker Francesco “Phra” Barbaglia (the now solo-operating man behind Crookers) is set to unleash his “Ghetto Guetta” single on October 22, via his own Ciao Records, but before the tune officially touches down, Barbaglia has chosen to premiere the video for the forthcoming, characteristically hi-octane cut right here.

“Ghetto Guetta” finds Crookers doing what he does best—making tracks squarely aimed at the dancefloor. But this new single comes with an extra dose of edge and strength, its anthemic synth line and driving bass joined by a nonstop procession of sturdy rhythms. The tune’s accompanying video accurately reflects the dancefloor mayhem “Ghetto Guetta” aims to spark, pitting Barbaglia behind an array of spinning cars, helicopters, watches, fire extinguishers, and a whole bunch of other shit, all while the camera struggles to stand still amongst the track’s never-ending low-end rumble. You can peep the premiere of the “Ghetto Guetta” video below.