As part of the Kompakt label’s current residency at Ableton headquarters in Berlin, the longstanding label organized a production and remixing seminar led by veteran producer and engineer Ewan Pearson, who has long been the go-to man at the boards for acts like The Rapture, M83, and more. Fortunately, someone was smart enough to capture the 90-minute discussion on video, making it available now to be watched and studied over by any and all budding tunesmiths.

The extensive seminar finds Pearson—a man who shared some of the wealth of his studio knowledge with Beatport News—diving into his Ableton sessions to discuss how he approaches working with stems for remixes and the many ways he manipulates sounds in order for them to fit together seamlessly, including FX placement, EQ, and compression. Considering all this is coming from a seasoned and accomplished electronic veteran, attentive viewing and—who knows—maybe even a bit of note-taking may be required. Ewan Pearson’s full seminar, which is moderated by CDR founder Tony Nwachukwu, can be watched in full below.