Both Ashley Wallbridge and Gareth Emery have graced the Beatport charts multiple times, so the thought of the two power producers coming together was an intriguing proposition. Last year, their first collaboration, “Mansion,” was exactly that—and turned out to be one of the bigger successes from Emery’s Garuda imprint.

Now, having tortured their fans for almost a year, the boys have finally released their energetic “DUI,” which is sure to cause to some on-looker delays. Somehow between their individual tours in Europe and South Africa, we caught up with the pair and made them walk the line.

What took you so long to collaborate again after “Mansion”?

There was no reason in particular. We’re just both busy with touring, solo projects, so finding the time to sit down together and do something new was difficult. Also, despite the fact it’s over a year old, “Mansion” still is popular (partly due to Porter Robinson’s heavy re-edit), so we didn’t need to go and rush out a follow-up before “Mansion” had run its course, so to speak.

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Was there anything you guys noticed that differentiates your production styles?

The thing is, we’re both “proper” producers, in that neither of us uses studio engineers or ghost-writers, and we can both do every part of the process. So our contributions have varied both times. For instance, with “Mansion,” Ash wrote most of the melodies whereas Gaz did the arrangement and build-ups, whereas with “DUI,” the melodies were mostly from Gaz with Ash doing most of the production work. Both tracks were pretty easy to lay down, though; the studio time was super-fun and flowed very naturally.

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What was the inspiration that yielded DUI? Have either of you had run-ins with the police while intoxicated?

The name is just a stupid joke. When we finished it, we decided it was the sort of track that made you drive way too fast, so we chucked the title at it and left it to people to make up their minds what it means. Some people thought it meant “dancing under the influence,” which is smart, but rather too clever for us to come up with. Others thought it meant one of us had got a DUI, which isn’t the case! Basically we didn’t have a fucking clue.

Did you guys have a particular sound in mind when you first started working together, or did you just experiment until you found something you liked?

It started with a very rough demo from Gaz, which he’d done on a plane, where the melodies were pretty much there, but executed with some very crap sounds, as, at the time, he didn’t have a proper laptop setup. Ash then fleshed it out to something that sounded a lot more substantial with better sounds, finishing up with two days in the studio together to get it properly tweaked and make sure all the builds, etc., were suitably slamming.

What’s in store for the both of you in 2013?

Gaz: I’m taking some time off touring at the start of the year to hopefully finish my new artist album. Once that’s done, the schedule of promoting it and doing a big album tour should probably take up most of the year!

Ash: I’m excited for 2013. Lots of projects in the works; can’t really go into too much detail without spoiling the element of surprise for everybody. But all I can say is that it’s going to be a very busy year.