David Guetta is a man of firsts, and last night he claimed another one—winning the America Music Awards’ first EDM trophy. Click on through to read more about his victory, and peep a whole lot of fun, from KiNK’s Boiler Room set to Carl Craig’s creative rider, all in today’s news.

– David Guetta has won the American Music Awards’ first-ever Favorite Artist: EDM category, from amongst a list of nominees that included Calvin Harris and Skrillex. (full story)

– A nun’s robe, a fencing outfit and weapon, traditional Chinese dress for men, a large selection of women’s sunglasses, and 10 Cuban cigars. What’s that? It’s Carl Craig’s rider for his recent Mixmag photoshoot. (full story)

– Everyone’s favorite Bulgarian techno producer KiNK hit the always-on-it Boiler Room the other night. Here’s his amazing set in its entirety.

– Spin’s Philip Sherburne takes a deeper look at electronic music’s creative crisis and the studio-vs.-live dichotomy. (full story)

– A reality check for those of you who maybe hit the club a little too often. (full story)

– DJ TechTools offers up the scoop on how to make Remix Deck Sets in Traktor’s Loop Recorder. (full story)

– Red Rack’em’s Danny Berman is trying on a new moniker for his latest release: Hot Coins. (full story)

– And while we certainly have enjoyed watching Steve Aoki’s epic trampoline jump, we’re also really happy to know that he’s back in action and, presumably, pain free. Over the weekend, he posted this video interview he conducted with Swedish house and techno producer John Dahlback.