While many have speculated on both the end of the world and the quality of electronic music of late, Israel’s Guy Judah—better known on the club floor as Guy J—has provided eclectic rays of hope throughout his career. Having broken through the social boundaries of his homeland and collected two full-length offerings for John Digweed’s Bedrock Records, this year Guy J launched his own imprint, Lost and Found. With releases already soaring in from the likes of Kevin Yost, Muzarco, and Yariv Bernstein, Judah returns to helm of his fast-rising label with the uplifting “Vaga.”

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Ornamented with darting synth work and moody low-end undertones, Judah’s boundary-breaking offering uses dark and haunting ambience and consistent, tech-infused grooves to create one of the most stirring landmarks in his studio legacy to date. As hypnotically tuned as it is emotively stirring, this latest gem from the Israeli talent signals that Guy J stands a firm chance of setting the world right on his own terms for 2013.