It’s hard to believe (at least for some of us) that New Order’s seminal—and we don’t use that term lightly—dance track “Blue Monday” was born 30 years ago today, in 1983, on Manchester’s Factory Records. The record with the catalog number FAC 73 is still the best-selling dance 12″ of all time, and when you give it a spin, you quickly remember why—but those rapidfire 16th-note kicks, that double-low-end assault of synth keys and Peter Hook’s imitable electric bass, and Bernard Sumner’s now-classic opening line, “How does it feel?” are just the tip of the iceberg of one of the greatest tracks of all time. So without further ado, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Blue Monday” by plying you with five awesome versions of it. Enjoy!

The original 12″ version that started it all

Video for “Blue Monday 1988,” a slightly remixed, shorter version of the original 12″

Performing the track live at the BBC in 1984

An early live version performed on British TV show Top of the Pops

Live in Glasgow, 2008