Ladies and gentlemen, you are now entering the Twilight Zone, one in which headphones can read your mind and play new music for you that you didn’t even consciously know you wanted to hear. Think that’s far off? It’s practically here. Check out the video after the jump.

– Take it from us conference-wizened veterans—there’s a whole lot more blow-hardery and drinking that goes on at SXSW than actual innovation or mind-blowing performances. But—BUT!—once in a while, something truly crazy happens there, and this year it was the announcement of Neurowear’s mood-sensing Mico headphones, which actually read your brainwaves and, with the help of a mobile app, choose music you subconsciously “want” to hear. (full story)

– Damian Lazarus may be throwing down in Miami this week, but a late last month, he was holding forth at Hong Kong’s Upper House Hotel with Subb-An, and recording a live version of his Lazpod podcast. Check it: (full story)

– We’ve known for a while that DJs are the new pop stars, and here the New York Times chats with Tiesto about the huge rise of the dance-music star in popular culture (featuring some pics from Beatport’s own Jordan Loyd).

– DJ Sprinkles (aka Terre Thaemlitz) is a revolutionary when it comes to electronic music, but his studio tips rely more on simplicity than anything else. How should you be backing up your data for 10 years down the road? Read on: (full story)

– Know who else is a revolutionary in house music? Marc “MK” Kinchen—that’s who—and he’s just been signed up for Defected’s next In the House mix. Check him out in the Mixmag DJ Lab below. (full story)

– The legendary Cologne label Kompakt is in the midst of its 20-year celebrations, and one of its founders, Wolfgang Voigt, is celebrated by the Guardian for his recordings as Gas. (full story)

– Lastly, Beatport Sounds is sponsoring a pool party with Waveform Recordings this weekend in Miami, featuring Victor Calderone and Nicole Moudaber, for those of you in the sunnier part of the country. (full story)