David Guetta drops a new chart for Beatport, Heidi gets feisty with Mixmag, and hey, there’s even a celebrity break-up story in the mix, so read on for the day’s news.

– David Guetta has given Beatport a chart in support of his newly remixed “Just One Last Time.” (full story)

DJ magazine’s polls are open to vote for your favorite British artists, tracks, and clubs of the year. (full story)

– London-based DJ Heidi has got a lot to say in her interview with Mixmag, but we were immediately struck by this hilarious quote: “I’m devoted to the dick.” (full story)

– The new rules of the dancefloor, courtesy of the Guardian. (full story)

Rolling Stone has assembled a list of 25 DJs ruling the earth right now. Did your favorites make the list? (full story)

– And, because we know you’ve been following the story so closely, it’s official: Deadmau5 and Kat Von D have split up. Deal with it. (full story)