You read that correctly: one, there really is a My Little Pony convention in Houston, and two, at it, they hold a huge dubstep/electro/hardstyle dance party. Each year, Fiesta Equestria brings together some of the country’s most avid enthusiasts of the ’80s-era pony-doll phenomenon (aka Bronies) for a weekend of revelry, this most recent one having been held June 28-30 at Houston, Texas’ Westchase Marriott Hotel. So yeah, there’s the convention part of the gathering, but for our money, the real draw is the closing Pon3techtronica party—a rave to end all raves, featuring music from Mic the Mic, Odyssey Eurobeat, F3nning, and djtetsuo.

Thank heaven, someone (actually, a few people) had the foresight to record this extremely over-the-top footage of the party, from multiple angles and edits. So pull up a chair and check out either the seven-minute highlight reel (seriously, it’s awesome), or put on a pot of coffee and settle in for the real deal—the full four-hour presentation. The Fiesta Equestria site states that the event’s organizers “aim to be the premiere My Little Pony fan convention for the southern United States.” By our estimation, they have succeeded. Behold! Pon3techtronica! Bronies!