Colin Lindo is the mind behind the aliases Alpha Omega and Nubian Mindz. His expansive comprehension of electronic music has resulted in countless releases that have covered the spectrum of genres since the mid-’90s. His latest track, “Hacker Wacker,” is one such example of that talent to call upon his influences and produce something totally unique. On it, a blanket of bass accompanies a large cast of intriguing sounds that cameo throughout the mostly minimal soundtrack. The techno synths and driving drum work give the track some complex roots, so we had to go to the source to find out what inspired it.

“‘Hacker Wacker’ came about sometime in mid-2011,” Lindo tells us. “At the time I had decided to start focusing on producing new music again and ‘Hacker Wacker’ was one of those early experiments to see if I still had some sort of aptitude for making interesting music. The beats are two separate loops I made that didn’t work or weren’t inspiring enough on their own, so I decided to layer them to see how they sounded together and that’s when it really started to take shape. I’m not normally a minimalist in my music productions, but as I listened I could hear this needed a ‘less is more’ approach so I left out anything that took away the focus from the beats and bassline. Once it was finished I put a short clip on SoundCloud and straight away got some decent feedback, but no label interest. In February 2012, Simon Off, from Disko 404, got in contact via SoundCloud and talked about a new label starting up and wanting to have me involved. From there the Hacker Wacker EP took shape, and since its release the feedback has been very positive. And to think, I was close to assigning ‘Hacker Wacker’ to the unsigned-tune scrapheap!”