Today, we ponder a fair number of technological questions when it comes to making tunes. One, has tech ruined music altogether? Two, what are the best apps for a tablet recording session? And three, how might one make a dubstep track in a blender?

– So first, we present to you, one rather interesting take on how to make dubstep. And yes, it involves eggs and kitchen appliances.

– On the heels of their new album, Swisher, New Yorkers Blondes talk studio stuff with XLR8R. (full story)

– Well, there’s new theme music for Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and it was recorded by none other than—surprise, surprise—Flying Lotus and Thundercat. Hear it below.

– If you’ve ever read an interview with Detroit house icon Theo Parrish, you probably gleaned that the dude is pretty sharp. He recently penned some thoughts on how the Notorious B.I.G. changed the hip-hop landscape forever. (full story)

– Hey, we know you’ve likely already got your studio set-up pretty much down. And we know that NPR isn’t the first place most producers would go for music-making tips. However, if you’re just noodling around and looking for tablet apps for sketching out tracks, the public broadcaster put together this little piece on some recent favorites for the task. (full story)

– Having said that, one question we often find ourselves asking is, “Has technology ruined music?” As new tech enables just as much bad music as good music—made at a lower cost and with a lower barrier to entry… and at the same time, changing our listening habits—one magazine examines the idea further: (full story)