Berlin producer Ian Pooley has been cranking out the jams since the mid-’90s, with a string of releases to his name over the last 20 years. But it’s been nearly five years since he’s plied his fans with an LP—so fans, naturally, have been rejoicing ever since last week’s unveiling of What I Do, which appears on Plant Music in the US and his own Pooled Music for the rest of the world.

What I Do is comprised of 15 gorgeous deep-house tracks, but today our Track of the Day feature focuses on the title song, a super-groovy, bass-guitar-led monster that’s all funky, low-slung gooeyness. An insistent beat drives this one forward, but the gentle vocal sample, chugging rhythm, and disco-honed sensibility don’t hurt its momentum either. “What I Do” is just the tip of this iceberg, so check out the whole suite for more late-night pleasures.