Scan X has been kicking it in Paris since the early ’90s as one of the original pioneers of the French techno scene. His first EPs, Satori and Scan X, were one of the very first techno albums to appear on French mega-retailer FNAC’s in-house Dance Division label, which led to frequent collaborations with the legendary Laurent Garnier (with whom he’s currently working for a contemporary dance show) and the LBS Crew. With said Garnier collaboration, “Everyday Life,” out last week, we talked to the artist also known as Stéphane Dri about some of his favorite pieces of studio gear.

Steinberg Cubase
Cubase is a truly unrivaled creative production tool. I started with V1.0 20 years ago and have yet to find such a powerful sequencer anywhere else. But while Cubase is perfect in studio, Ableton Live is the magic tool for performing.

Ableton Live
Live is really a real-time-oriented sequencer that has amazing flexibility to control or change music parameters while performing.

Universal Audio UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Cards
These plug-ins offer one of the most authentic analog-hardware-emulation experiences. I use them everywhere, from music creation to mixing, in every step of the production process. They are highly active in my repertoire, providing amazing tools with a rich sound quality.

Native Instruments Reaktor
My favorite VST, I use Reaktor in every production. It opens a universe of sound with limitless options. It’s a truly inspiring tool, and one of those VSTs with a creative vision that can hardly be found with hardware.

Apogee DA-16X, Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16, AMS Neve 1073 DPD
Mixing “in the box” will never sound as good as using analog summing. It gives depth, 3D, details, and width to the music. But even with analog summing you need to have a good mix first.

Unity Audio The Rock MK2 active studio monitor
Having a good studio monitor is possibly the most important aspect of making music. I found these monitors to be a real pleasure to work with, and every detail is clearly audible. These monitors are as good to make music with as they are to mix.