Acid house had the 303. Early hardcore had its orchestra stabs. D&B had the Reece. And dubstep, of course, has the wobble. These days though, those lines aren’t as tidy as they used to be, and producers constantly mix and match sounds and tempos from all over the place. In other words, today’s electronic music landscape is a no-holds-barred affair. Austin, Texas producer Psymbionic takes a humorous jab at this idea with his playfully titled new EP for Muti Music called PostWaveFutureCore.

“Inertia” lands somewhere in the middle of all of those influences, as the EP’s title might suggest. “It starts off as a bit of an epic drumstep track, but switches things to a fresh halfstep drum & bass-meets-hip-hop pattern a little bit into it,” says Psymbionic. “I’m a big fan of exploring new rhythms and mashing genres together, and this is one of those experiments that I’d consider an awesome success.”