It’s no surprise that Hamburg producer/DJ Doctor Dru’s music is so percussion-heavy—the guy spent a number of years on the road as a drummer, supporting the likes of even R Kelly. But after a skateboarding mishap left him with two broken arms (don’t worry, he’s better now), he hung up the sticks for a while and pursued the decks instead. Lucky for us, the resulting outcome is a slew of bass-heavy dance tunes from his studio and his Jeudi Records label. With a big remix of Bedouin Soundclash officially on the way, the good doctor hipped us to a few other tunes currently making the rounds in his crate. Check them out below.

About a year ago when I was diggin’ for samples, my girlfriend sent me the original of this song. I was immediately hooked up by the singer’s voice. I played around with the playback a bit and thought, “Okay, I have to write them to get the acapella.” Then somehow I forgot about it. About three months ago I got a call from the A&R of Bitclap to see if I wanted to do a remix of this song—what a coincidence. I had to do it. Some great open-air moments. Available soon on Beatport.

I’ve had some great emotional moments with this one. It’s one of those tunes that lets you become one with the crowd when played at the right moment. One of my favorite summer anthems this year.

This one is from my special friend Monte. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there except Chromeo who is so much into the original sound production of the ’80s. Plus, he is a great DJ. If you wanna see some happy, smiling faces on the floor, try this one.

A clearly beautiful masterpiece. I don’t exactly know who’s behind the tune, but I think it’s John Talabot. I grabbed a copy by chance and was hooked up at once.

A track that unites. Seeing people all of a sudden dancing with each other rather than alone. Nice.

I love the sound of the Keinemusik guys—especially Adam’s tunes, which find their way into my sets regularly. This Afro-ish groove combined with this wandering, slightly angry bass lead always works.