On January 26, French electro-house producer Joachim Garraud will unveil his brand-new live show, Invasion, at Los Angeles’ Exchange. But what’s particularly special about the show is that it’s going to be a full 3D experience.

“I’m very proud to be the first [DJ] to use 3D content to do something different than the other ones,” Garraud says of the tour. “I was the first one to play keytar live, but now on top [of that], using video and 3D, makes this brand-new show something unique.”

While the show encompasses DJing, crazy stage visuals, and, of course, Garraud himself rockin’ out on the keytar, attendees will be given special Space Invader 3D masks to wear for its duration, heightening the visual experience for them—and for anyone watching them, naturally. The Invasion 3D tour kicks off in Los Angeles, but will visit San Diego, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Brazil, France, Australia, and plenty of more locales throughout 2013. Below, Garraud gives Beatport News the sneak-peek into the tour—check it out!