Back in the early days of Kompakt—we’re talking around 1999—Joachim Spieth was a name you’d regularly see floating around the newly minted minimal techno racks at your local dance vinyl shop. He helped establish the label with a couple of gorgeous slabs, and “Abi 99″ and “You Don’t Fool Me” have since become some of the Cologne company’s true classics. Since then, Spieth has kept increasingly busy with his productions and DJing, and with his own Affin label, which is currently celebrating its fifth year of existence, having just dropped the new Width EP in the last couple of weeks. To commemorate the occasion, we had Spieth tell us about a handful of tracks he’s been playing lately.

What a tune—an essential. A great album and Robert Hood is just a master. Some of the younger DJs may go back and discover [his work].

With this new one, I wanted to go straight after some more dubby things I did in the last two years. It’s had great reactions so far. Don’t think too much: Never Mind!

A big remix from Truncate! I love tunes that connect to different genres, and this remix does it in a perfect way.

Damn, this is a bomb! Mark Broom is a hero for me. His music is really on point, like this.

Great work from Jonas—I hammered this. Looking forward to the follow-up in September for Reggy’s TRC EP, with Developer and Chris Page.

An all-time fave of mine.

My last remix for my Switzerland Affin mates. I worked a long time to prepare it. An FX jungle :-)

Something nice. Like Rolando [has done for] a long time, this track is also a bit between [genres]. A great one!