Justin Martin and Eats Everything have been making a splash on Dirtybird label for a while now, but last year’s successful solo releases, BBC Radio 1 Essential mixes, and non-stop touring schedules accompanied by a summer residency in Ibiza have just further cemented their—and their label’s—place amongst dance music’s finest.

The pair’s collaborative track “Harpy,” from the Feather Fight EP—which happens to come on London powerhouse label Hypercolour—is one such piece of evidence, embodying that quintessential Dirtybird sound with all its funky, hip-shaking swagger and a haunting vocal upfront. From subtle, fluid verses right into hard, edgy beats, “Harpy” could tug on your heartstrings while simultaneously allowing you to lose yourself on the dancefloor, underscoring how on-point this like-minded duo really is.