From forward-thinking found-sound sculpting, to using the Nintendo DS as a production tool (seriously), Philly legend King Britt (real name, by the way) hits us with one of our finest exclusive sample packs to date, Fragments Volume 1. Read on to hear about how he made it all happen.

How did you come up with the concept for Fragments, and what inspired it?

Well, when working within Ableton, the only DAW I use, you begin to realize the ease of creating a live loop library for yourself, due to the clips page and exporting your loops from there. I started doing this when I was doing more live shows, so I would have a pool of my own sounds to pick from. I then realized that I wanted to share some of my ideas with other producers and the best way was this!

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Could you list any external gear used for processing, such as compressors, EQs, or analog synths? Any software synth emulators?

For this volume, I used Nintendo DS (running Glitch DS), the Monome (using an MLR M4L patch) and internal soft synths patched through chains and UA plugins. For each volume, I will use a whole different setup. My analog volume will be in spring.

What are your favorite go-to plugins for post-production and mastering?

I use all the Universal Audio plugins for production and mastering. They are hands-down some of the best ever! So I use the Precision Mastering suite in there, but when I do loops, I use Izotope Ozone 5—perfect and quick!

What was your monitor setup like when you were making the pack? Headphones or speakers?

For this, it was just simple Mackies—a normal setup. But my next one is headphones!

In the audio demo, it seems like certain sounds and loops were meant for each other. Did you build combinations of sounds in this pack, kind of like mini-tracks?

Okay, so my loop-pack philosophy is different from most. I’m just creating very different, glitchy experimental sounds, which may inspire basslines and melody, but I’m not actually giving you basslines… you gotta do some work [laughs]. But all the sounds and loops work together in so many combinations for hours of fun. Most tonal centers are in key with each other. Anyone can use the packs, but if you are an Ableton user, the bonus is an Ableton pack which you open up and I have mapped out and laid out all the loops, to begin “painting” your picture—also great for live DJ setup.

Where and how did you record your found sounds?

Ha! Just sounds lying around the vocal booth, including the door and such. I used a simple mic into Ableton, then made a rack.

How much post-production time or effects did you put into the found-sound recordings?

I actually do a lot while recording, so that it makes things sound more like samples—like putting reverb on a loop while recording. Then when it loops, the reverb sound cuts off a bit.

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What other kinds of packs or sounds can we look forward to in the Fragments series?

Volume 2 will be all loops created with iPhone apps. Volume 3 is all glitchy analog loops, which I’m excited to do. So each one will be unique but will be able to work with all other packs.

Do you have a favorite or strangest sound-production method you used for this pack?

Favorite is using the MLR Max patch for the Monome within Ableton—it’s just insane, the rhythms I can get.