For the last handful of years, Hamburg twosome Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg have been building a reputation as remixers with the magic touch, counting Dennis Ferrer and Groove Armada among their happy clients, alongside a run of sleek and deep techy productions for Liebe Detail and Noir Music. They recently revealed another ace from their sleeve with their debut album, Let’s Call It a Day; it’s a full-length release in the best possible sense sense, exploring a range of tones and tempos, from 3 AM dancefloor burners to smokey downtempo lounge and heartfelt Balearica.

Their single, “White Smoke,” which comes paired with the video below that the duo filmed on the road in Scandinavia, is keeping us happy, so we also checked in with the duo to see what singles are currently putting smiles on their faces.

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This remix by Monte is a killer! We know it’s kind of cheesy and full of these typical ’80s synth sounds, but once you’ve played it, you will play it again for sure, because it works so well. People react with a huge smile and it feels like good vibrations are filling the room straight away!

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Richard Belsom (aka Zeitgeist) is such a great talent with a huge diversity in his tracks. He first grabbed our attention with his “Farmboy Blues” track on Alive Recordings. We requested that he do an EP for our own label, Save Room Recordings, and this is the second release and part of our Summer Madness compilation. We played that tune for the first time at Watergate a couple of weeks ago and we got so many requests for that track that night that we can definitely say it’s a secret weapon!

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A beauty! For us, it’s the perfect track to start a set—it’s the quiet before the storm! The breakdown with the vocal is a goosebump guarantee!

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Even though it’s kind of selfish, of course, we are proud of our first album. This remix by Shur-I-Kan really does the job well for those who like to play a bit slower with some soulful melodies. It has a great vocal from Stee Downes, who is well known for his collaboration with Lovebirds on “I Want You In My Soul.”

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Proper French house feeling. Loving that vocal loop. So simple and so effective.

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A real groover. Great bassline with a nasty, cool vocal. Works perfect later at night and makes the ladies shake their booties.

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This tune creates such a great atmosphere on the dancefloor. The production is absolutely solid and the whole track has a really nice development into a nice pad atmosphere. Works perfect!