We love us a good brush-with-the-law story, especially when it’s got to do with dance music. No, we don’t mean getting caught at a rave with a joint in your pocket—today we’re talking about driving under the influence of drum & bass, which is a serious offense in the UK. Check it!

– Kids, you may wanna take it easy on the accelerator next time you drop an old Goldie mix into the tape deck. You may be deemed “‘Amen’-tally fit to stand trial” for reckless driving, says Spin, of one British motorist who had a run-in with the law. (full story)

– Here’s a fun little Lego animation for Paul Oakenfold and Austin Bis’ “Who Do You Love.”

– Are Sol Republic’s headphones really indestructible? This guy puts them through the ultimate stress test. (full story)

– Soul Clap are getting real funky these days. In fact, FACT reports that they’re at work with the original funkmaster George Clinton. (full story)

– Looking to really dig into Traktor DJ for the iPad? DJ Shiftee shows you all you can do and then some in this neat little vid.

– Can you knock out a beat in 30 minutes? This is how Kyle Hall does it.

Photo via Laughing Squid