Lifelike is a true pioneer of the French touch scene. With releases on Alan Braxe’s seminal disco label Vulture, remixes for Chromeo, Classixx, and Daft Punk, and beginning his very own Computer Science Imprint, Laurent Ash (aka Lifelike) is a brilliant and blinding light on the French house cityscape. His latest, “Night Patrol,” has been hot on the radar here at BP HQ for the past few weeks, and once we saw it come through and gave it a listen, we could definitely hear what all the hype was about.

A perfect accompanying soundtrack to a neon latenight drive through a nu-’80s metropolis, “Night Patrol” provides the perfect balance between a headphones listen and a heavy-hitting closing anthem. A real hands-in-the-air moment right before the clubs shut down, or perfectly arpeggiated, meditative groove for your quieter moments, “Night Patrol” is one track we’re hoping will find its way into the sets of our favorite DJs for next Saturday’s night out.

We asked Ash for some insight into the track’s inspiration and he told us, “Music is like storytelling, and I think my music is a like a movie soundtrack for the dancefloor. I imagine my records on Computer Science as a part of a retro-futuristic concept that can be renewed on each release. When I was in the studio working on ‘Night Patrol,’ I had this idea of a retro-vintage police patrol from the late ’70s fully equipped with mustaches, sirens, and guns, ready to arrest DJs in clubs playing illegal disco records, but if you close your eyes, you can imagine whatever you like. There are no limits!”