London clubs got seriously raided this weekend—in fact, nearly 6000 premises were hit by Operation Condor. Scroll on down to catch some crazy footage of the scene at 93 Feet East, see who took home this year’s Drum&BassArena Awards, and find out what Fatboy Slim has got to say about Skrillex.

– The Drum&BassArena Awards were handed out last week. See who took home prizes for Best DJ, Best Producer, and plenty more. (full story)

– Over the weekend, London police raided 5,830 venues throughout the city as part of Operation Condor, an attempt to crack down on licensing laws. The arrests ranged from theft to drug charges to immigration breaches and beyond. Check out this crazy footage of one of the raids, at Brick Lane club 93 Feet East. (full story)

– Throbbing Gristle’s Chris Carter is featured in the upcoming film I Dream of Wires, a documentary on modular synthesizers. Check out part of his interview below. (full story)

– So what does Fatboy Slim think about Skrillex? “I love Skrillex!,” he told Mixmag. “The first time I met Skrillex, he just came right up to me really drunk and said, ‘You’re the reason I started DJing.’ I have a lot of pride in things like that. He really reminds me of myself 15 years ago, and I think he is very talented.” (full story)

– Whoa! Hype Williams member Inga Copeland has got music in the works with Martyn! Check out a super-short clip of their new track, “A&E,” below. (full story)!

– DJ TechTools have always got solutions for your music-tech problems. Today’s workaround: a DIY autosave function for Traktor. (full story)