With their slippery but strong take on dubstep, the West London duo Soap Dodgers has made a name for itself over the past couple of years. Affiliated with N-Type’s Wheel & Deal Records, Walsh’s Biscuit Factory Records, and the legendary Tempa label, the boys dabble in meditative sub-bass beats while continuing to show versatility within the newest mutations of bass music. Since they’re quickly becoming an in-demand DJ act around the globe (due, in part, to the pair’s solid releases and regular rotations on UK radio outlets such as Radio One, Rinse FM, and KISS 100), we thought it was about time to see what Soap Dodgers are currently spinning, and what all they’ve been up to recently—although, as you’ll see, getting a serious answer from Soap Dodgers can prove to be quite a challenge!

What was the first record you remember having as a child?

Jamie: [bpaudio id=”105086″]


Which style or genre of music was your first great love?

J: I’ve always been open with music, never really had one favorite.

M: Techno and tech house.

How have your musical tastes changed since you were a teenager?

J: Potato.

M: They haven’t.

What was the last record (or MP3) you bought?

J: Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange

M: [bpaudio id=”3358144″]

How many tracks or records do you typically acquire every week—both promos and purchases?

M: About five-million-trillion, on average.

J: We share an email, so it’s the same for me.

What format do you DJ with: vinyl, CD, Traktor/Serato, Ableton?



Name your three favorite tracks at the moment:

J: [bpaudio id=”889289″]
[bpaudio id=”3601984″]
[bpaudio id=”3571102″]

M: [bpaudio id=”3358144″]
[bpaudio id=”406939″]
[bpaudio id=”1639380″]

A few favorite classic tracks:

J: Zapp & Roger “Computer Love”

Gipsy Kings “Bamboleo”

Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On”

M: [bpaudio id=”124999″]
[bpaudio id=”117221″]
[bpaudio id=”462229″]

Which track (by another musician) do you wish that you had made?

J: [bpaudio id=”3480307″]

M: [bpaudio id=”2443753″]

Current reading or last good book read?

J: He can’t read.

M: I can’t read.

Favorite piece of gear:

J: Anything by Native Instruments.

M: My sharpie pen.

Preferred headphones:

M: Sennheiser HD-25.

J: Same.

Favorite city/country/club to perform in?

J: So far, it’d be the Netherlands or certain bits in London.

M: Netherlands.

What country would you be thrilled to play in, just for the food?

M: America.

J: Definitely the US, or Greece for the souvlaki.

Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten while on tour:

M: A finger!

J: No comment.

Strangest thing a fan has ever given you:

M: Their finger.

J: Nothing.

Frequent-flyer survival tip:

J: Don’t eat McDonald’s while running for your plane.

M: Avoid the burgers and chips at Schiphol Airport.