For the thousands of dance music fans that made the pilgrimage to the white isle during the 2012 summer season, Luciano’s quarter-hour epic “Rise of Angel” became their anthem. Building and teasing with cinematic intent for over 15 minutes, “Rise of Angel”‘s driving synth line and piano hook create a blinding Balearic bliss that washes over any clubgoer who bears witness to its glory.

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Creating the soundtrack of Ibiza could be considered one of Luciano’s claims to fame, considering his hugely successful weekly parties at Pacha and Ushuaia, but “Rise of Angel” solidifies him and his Cadenza label as preeminent forward-thinking forces in today’s continually corporatized dance music landscape. We asked Luciano for his inspiration for this 16-minute opus, and he told us, “It’s a really emotional piece for me, and is dedicated to my beloved, who lives with the angels. I had good times composing and twisting it with Rebelski… I know it took a long time to release, but I felt I needed to give it time to live over the summer, and time is what allows you to appreciate things. Anyways, music is always better than words, so I will leave you to enjoy the music.”