Into the weekend we go… and if you’re like us, that may mean warming up the laptop and spending a day or two getting further into an Ableton session. If so, let us be your guide to yet another piece of awesome—and free—software. If not, well, we’ve still got plenty of music news to cover, so come on in.

– If you’ve been digging deep into Ableton Live 9, you’ll be psyched to know that Sonic Faction is giving away their Pathogen wavetable synthesizer for free. Grab it here: (full story)

– 20 years ago, Matthew Dear was but a wee’un in suburban Detroit, attending his first Depeche Mode concert with his influential older brother. Now he’s opening up for the synth-pop legends in Germany. Read Dear’s story about it here: (full story)

– The always-thought-provoking DIS Magazine just unveiled EDMily—and her challenge to “Shazam this” mishmash of popular dance-music hits. Have fun, iPhone! (full story)

– We love oral histories, so the proposal to archive the stories of Detroit’s musical legacy is something that we can really get behind. Check out the Kickstarter fund for the Detroit Sound Conservancy, and play a part in preserving the city’s incredible music history. (full story)

– Who knows if this girl actually learned to pop and lock somethin’ fierce in just a year—it’s kinda easy to feign sucking for your “first” day—but either way, we’re impressed with the end result. (Bonus points for setting the video to Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.”)