No, Matthew Dear wasn’t in a trainwreck… but he does have a great story to tell you. Plus, we examine the early days of Daft Punk and Rinse FM, and hear about new albums from Andy Stott, Major Lazer, and RVNG’s Holly Herndon, all in today’s roundup.

– With hopes for a new Daft Punk album on the horizon, Mixmag takes a look back at their 1997 feature on the French robots. (full story)

– XLR8R just launched the hilarious Trainwreck feature, in which artists talk about touring disasters. Matthew Dear’s involves a shady lawyer in a meatpacking district. Classic stuff! (full story)

– Folks looking for an early taste of Major Lazer’s hyper-digital raggamuffin styles for 2012 will have to wait it out a bit longer. Their new album has been pushed back to next year. (full story)

– Beware the piracy police. Jammie Thomas-Rasset has been ordered to pay a $222,000 fine for illegally uploading 24 songs to Kazaa. Yep, Kazaa. (full story)

– “The best dancefloors are now being cut to ribbons to provide extra table space for naff VIPs.” Why did we all stop dancing? weighs in. (full story)

– The mighty Rinse FM turns 18, and kicks off an 18-part series with a Geeneus interview, in which he offers his thoughts on 1994 and the birth of the station. (full story with video)

– Newly signed to RVNG, experimentalist Holly Herndon (pictured above) talks with Electronic Beats about her forthcoming album. (full story)

– And Andy Stott, whose gorgeous Passed Me By/We Stay Together was all over 2011’s year-end lists, has announced a new vocal-heavy LP entitled Luxury Problems. (full story)