Ever the experimenter, British techno producer Max Cooper recently got together with Canadian art rockers Braids to make some glitchy, high-brow compositions that they’ve collectively titled Conditions One. The fruits of their labor remain beat-oriented, but naturally veer into abstract territory at times, homing in on the fibers of their digital existent (which you can currently deconstruct and remix as part of our Play contest for their track “Pleasures”).

Flipping the script a little bit, rather than get the techno-obsessed Cooper to chime in, we enlisted Braids guitarist Raphaelle Standell-Preston to tell us what fills his weekend record crate.

I like thinking of Mr. Satie walking with an umbrella in his grey satin suit across the countryside towards Paris while this song is playing. It reminds me of the beauty that exists within simplicity. I feel very calm and at peace when this is on.

All of Morgan’s songs are my favorite. If I could, I would just put “All Songs – Morgan Greenwood,” but that is not a real song, and this list is about songs. Morgan Greenwood has been a huge inspiration for us. He is a wonderful person and an amazing musician. To me, the Aphex Twin of our generation.

I wrote a diary entry about this song after I heard it for the first time. I think it said something along the lines of, “Dear Diary, I just heard a song today that reminded me of the importance of searching for beauty and truth in all things.” I cannot find the diary for I believe I burned it last month.

The sample at the beginning of this song makes me feel like a British girl heading out to the club. It feels amazing. Especially if you put it on before going out, it just takes you to another place, a heightened place of feeling so excited and prepared to get messed up, if it is you are deciding to get messed up. But even if you aren’t it still prepares you for whatever. This song is so good.

Hits you exactly in the spot that your chest wants to be hit when listening to a kick drum really loudly. Also, the build of the synths is absolutely perfect.

Put this song on while driving really fast late at night—you will feel so alive. I know that probably sounds lame and prescribed, but trust me, this song is so fucking good, especially in the dark when there is speed beneath you. Max Cooper is a musical genius and a scientist.

Inspiring on so many levels—production, composition, authenticity. Listen to the entire album of Liebe Ist; it is phenomenal.

The music that shall accompany us to the afterlife. I feel okay about dying when I hear this.