Between advocating for the preservation of vinyl and being dubbed “Greece’s Techno philosopher,” Mihalis Safras has craved something of a career for himself in the face of his nation’s problematic politics and often slated club scene. Off the heels of his most persistent year of releases, the master of Material Records joins Nite Grooves for the rhythmic toe-tapper “Moon Spread.”

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Taken from his recent Liza Banana EP, “Moon Spread” finds Safras in his percussive element for the final hurdle of 2012. With a dynamic fusion of jacking house beats and sharp ethnic grooves, the long-serving Greek producer deploys hypnotic sample work here to secure unquestionable proof that sometimes less is more where effective tech house is concerned. Beckoning the attention of those more open-minded enthusiasts or beat junkies alike, “Moon Spread” serves not only as a creatively refined highlight to yet another potent EP, but a beacon to the unpretentious energy such well-maintained artists bring to the equation.