Continuing their dominance of our in-office airwaves, the Monkey Safari boys have reworked an unsuspecting pop-gone-tech-house track featuring Liza Flume on vocals and Illy Noize on production. Originally a broken-hearted love song from Dublin-based Australian singer Liza Flume, “What We Called Love” went the dancefloor-friendly route as Illy Noize added heavy kicks and a house shuffle to it. But when Monkey Safari got their mitts on it, they took things to the next level.

Clocking in at their usual more-than-10-minute length, the duo’s remix is another dreamy, tropi-tribal, any-hours groover. Filled with plenty of jungle percussion, a subtle bassline, and topped with Flume’s vocals, “What We Called Love” becomes the perfect warm-up for the summer.