Music Hack Day is an international series in which programmers, developers, designers, and artists come together to conceptualize, build, and demo the future of music during a 24-hour period. Software, hardware, mobile, web, instruments, art—anything goes as long as it’s music-related.

On July 20 and 21, it all comes to Denver for the first time, and we’re proud to be presenting the whole program. Registration is free, and is required to attend, even if you just want to see the demos at the end. Digital music services from around the world open their APIs to participants on the morning of the first day, who then use the technology to create whatever they can come up with all day, night, and into the next day again. Demos are presented the afternoon of the second day. Sometimes there’s a prize, but mostly it’s just a way to share ideas, network, promote APIs and other technology, and recruit developer talent.

Denver Music Hack Day will be held in partnership with the Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase—a four-day music festival featuring 420+ national and local acts across 20 stages—in order to showcase both the Denver/Boulder area’s thriving tech and startup community along with its exciting music scene, and let the two interact. All Music Hack Day registrants will receive a free pass for Friday’s performances the evening before hacking begins.

It all takes place at Galvanize (1062 Delaware Street in Denver) on July 20-21, so register here.