Scratch the surface of many a new mystery act and you’ll happily find a pedigree to match the music. One case in point is N & N Tracks, who are nondescript in name only; the two Ns come from frequent KiNK collaborator Neville Watson, and Nigel Rogers, most notably known as Perseus Traxx, a fellow Brit and a fellow purveyor of jacking proto-house and techno. Put the two in a room together and you can anticipate the results: raw analog business that tips its cap to its acid-house forefathers.

Farewell to the South is the first EP release from BoomChik, the new label set up by Rogers that is “all about quality electronic music,” and this four-tracker stays on brief throughout. The pair recorded the EP in a single afternoon session and it is brimming with immediacy and hardware warmth. With just four tracks they cover a number of vintage moods, from the pair of “Untitled” dirty jack tracks, meditative techno on “Tighter Trims,” and all-out acid with today’s featured track, “NW.”