With their affinity for twisted vocal samples, Diva seems an apt name for the new project that’s come seemingly from nowhere to drop their debut EP, Paris Stabbing, on Adam Marshall’s New Kanada imprint. Processed beyond the point of recognition and then laid on top of a pounding hardware-techno foundation, the refracted vocals that mark Diva’s productions—specifically this EP’s title track—have made for a mysteriously alluring end to New Kanada’s impressive 2012 run.

Even the title of “Paris Stabbing” hints at the fact that Diva doesn’t make music for the faint of heart. The dark track is marked by a thick procession of haunting chords that join with menacing arpeggios and—of course—a warped assemblage of vocals, all of which is anchored by a driving four-on-the-floor beat. While the title track here serves as the debut outing’s highlight, the flipside cut “But I’ve Never” and the “Beats” version of “Paris Stabbing” are equally ominous affairs worthy of a spin.