From RL Grime’s club-ready take on Halloween to even more supporting evidence that Nicolas Jaar’s live set is unstoppable, October proved to be a fruitful month full of treats and tricks in the world of bass-driven podcasts from around the ‘net. Check out the sets that have been bubbling on our iPods over the last 30 days.

RL Grime should be in charge of DJing every Halloween party from now on. This 33-minute mix starts off with a creative audio clipping from Goosebumps author RL Stine and somehow manages to flawlessly mix in the likes of 50 Cent and the elusive DJ Funeral while also working his own tunes without losing the spirit of a modern and whimsical Halloween celebration fit for the dancefloor.

Dubstep OG V.I.V.E.K’s mix for the 13th birthday celebration for London’s Fabric club hits hard. For those looking for a taste of what some would call “foundation dubstep,” look no further. You can also learn more about the producer here in his latest interview in advance of the mix.

The latest mix from Eton Messy features tracks from a diverse batch of genres (such as future garage and R&B) that mysteriously sound familiar, nostalgic, and completely unknown all at once upon first listen, which is a perfect example of how this Bristol-based DJ is more than worthy to carry the “tastemaker” title.

The latest mix to be featured on the DIS Magazine site comes from Murlo and features a handful of original riddims as well as some of the latest from the LA-based imprint Body High. Plenty of quality instrumentals with lots of synths and interesting drum patterns—good working music for the office.

This one is a live set from Nicolas Jaar at Sonar Lab in Barcelona from earlier this year and was finally made available online courtesy of Everybody Wants to be the DJ, which is focused on sharing the best mixes. It’s easy to spend a lot of time listening its now 447-mix-deep catalog.

Another example of a luckily archived set that is now preserved online is this four-hour back-to-back set that Jus-Ed (pictured above) and Toshiya Kawasaki played for the October edition of Berlin’s Get Deep event. If “inspiring house” music wasn’t a genre before, it is now.

DJ Slow, the label head of the Belgium-based imprint pelicanfly, put together a mix for Live for the Funk, which showcases diversity in building the mood of a night, and this mix was recorded with the label’s monthly club night at the Social Club in Paris in mind. Opening DJs, headlining DJs, and music aficionados alike should take note.

Nothing beats hearing forthcoming tracks in the wild in the form of a mix. For the 101st edition of Hyponik‘s weekly podcast series, Scratcha DVA delivers the latest from his personal catalog as well as new tracks from French Fries, Roska, Lil Silva, Zaki Ibrahim, and Shy One.