There’s a fair bit of craziness in today’s Morning Roundup—and a dating site for lovers of techno and a video about Panamanian accordion trap are just a couple prime examples. But what’s really got us amped is this super-ridic nipple tat of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. Click on through to see what else we’ve got up our sleeves today.

– PBS brought their Beat Making Lab to Panama, and with the help of some local kids put together what we’re pretty sure is the world’s first accordion-trap tune.

– And while we’re on the topic of trap, check out FACT’s Worst Trap Remixes piece, which features this Daft Punk doozie below. (full story)

– Before he passed in 2006, the inimitable J Dilla apparently reworked Gary Numan’s new-wave classic “Cars” into a rap track, which Dilla slings verses on, called “Trucks.” (full story)

– The new Tommy Trash video kinda reminds us of those Flat Eric vids that Mr. Oizo made a few years back.

– And now for something a bit trippier: The Knife’s new clip for “A Cherry on Top.”

– Conceptually, it sounds like a real thing, but once you see the opening salvo on, you might be a bit skeptical: “Do you like techno and spend your time alone?” In any event, the site purports to be a place for techno-loving singles (people, not records) to meet. (full story)

– And last but not least, a little more about that crazy Thom Yorke tattoo from up top: (full story)

photo via FACT