Thomas Benedix and Tassilo Ippenberger, the Berliners best known to us Pan-Pot, have just released a documentary on their career so far, and announced the details on an upcoming tour. Says Benedix of the tour, “We’re really excited to play in Juarez as we heard a lot of good things about Hardpop. But in general we’re very much looking forward to all gigs on this tour as we haven’t been to the US, Mexico, and Canada for a while. 150% fun ahead.” Along with the Mexico date, the tour will take them through Miami, San Francisco, Denver, Toronto, Montreal, and more.

As well, the Mobilee-signed artists, who just released the White Fiction EP, have released a documentary entitled Mobilee Back to Back, which examines the duo’s history so far. Its best moment? “The story when we both played the same record two times,” says Ippenberger. “This story will always make us laugh as it was such a funny moment and even right now we both die laughing thinking about it.” Watch the whole film in seven parts, and check out the pair’s tour dates, below.

Tour dates:
Jan 11: Hardpop, Ciudad Juarez, MX
Jan 13: Villa 221, Miami, FL
Jan 17: Vessel, San Francisco, CA
Jan 19: Anonymous @ Norad, Denver, CO
Jan 20: Momentum @ SRB, NYC, NY
Jan 25: Igloofest, Montreal, PQ
Jan 26: Footwork, Toronto, ON