French electro producer Para One (aka Jean-Baptiste de Laubier) has a musical ethos rooted in golden-age hip-hop. After releasing several EPs and full-length albums, and fielding remix requests from the likes of Daft Punk, de Laubier released his latest album, Passion, this past summer. You can hear de Laubier’s hip-hop roots in the original version of his track “When the Night,” which samples Frankie Smith’s “Double Dutch Bus,” creating a unique mix of electronic funk.

Recently, however, fellow Frenchman Breakbot remixed the single—today’s Track of the Day—adding his signature futuristic disco synth to the original’s throwback vibe. The lyrics that dOP’s Jaw sings—”In the middle of my city” and “We cut the line/Straight to the bouncer”—evoke feelings of a night out with friends, and the catchy bassline makes you want to get down when night falls.