Koven is made up of London producer Max Rowat and singer Kate Ashton and their new single, “More Than You,” is a powerful electronic ballad that blends dubstep bass synths with traditional elements that all work really well together. (So well, in fact, that its video also has over half a million hits on YouTube so far.)

“More Than You” is Koven’s debut single, which comes on Futurebound’s Viper Recordings, and in a strange twist of fate, it’s managed to pique the interest of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Our community seems to agree, as “More Than You” has quickly climbed up the dubstep charts, too.

“When we wrote ‘More Than You’ there was a strong idea of the kind of feel and vibe we were trying to achieve right from the offset,” Koven told us. “We wanted something that could easily translate both into music for live performances, and also for people to listen to at home. Lyrically there has always been an importance on adding drama, whilst also trying to introduce subtlety and obscurity to the meaning. This allows whoever listens to ‘More Than You’ to make their own story and translate the lyrics to suit their own experiences.”