Ibiza’s International Music Summit is one of the biggest dance-music-industry think-fests happening each year, bringing together artists, managers, retailers, agents, and all manner of delegates to confer on the state of things to come, musically speaking. In fact, it’s such a high-profile engagement that last year Nile Rodgers used it as a platform to really go on record for the first time about the upcoming Daft Punk album that we’ve all been going ga-ga about.

As a precursor to May’s big event in Ibiza, IMS is about to hold their Engage summit in Los Angeles on April 17, and it will host industry luminaries Pete Tong, Diplo, Skrillex, and Beatport’s own CEO, Matthew Adell, along with many others, for what will no doubt be some very lively discussion. Among the conversational pairings featured are Skrillex speaking with Summit Series founder Jeff Rosenthal, Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter chatting with Swedish House Mafia manager Amy Thomson, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons with Sony’s President of Electronic Music Patrick Moxey, Diplo and Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, BBC’s Pete Tong paired up with SFX’s Shelly Finkel, and digital philosopher/writer Jaron Lanier talking to Matthew Adell.

For more information as to how to register as a delegate, visit the IMS Engage website.