It’s always a blast to take a look back in time at dance music’s formative years. And last week, after an interview with New Order’s legendary bass player Peter Hook, on his new compilation celebrating 30 years of the equally legendary Manchester club, the Hacienda, we thought it appropriate to examine a bit more of the back-story—particularly how the Hacienda (sadly now an apartment complex) and the greater Madchester scene influenced rave culture at large. So, for your Monday viewing pleasure, here are five Hacienda and Madchester documentaries you must peep now.

Madchester: The Sound of the North

Tony Wilson, the man responsible for Factory Records, the Hacienda club, and New Order’s success, kicks off this video in his former job as a presenter for Granada TV. What ensues is nearly two awesome hours of how working-class Manchester brought smiley faces, neon color, and electronic music to the rest of England and Europe.

Summer of Rave

Summer of Rave considers the summer of 1989 (one of England’s hottest ever on record) the moment at which rave culture really took hold, amidst the fall of the Berlin wall, student protests in Tiananmen Square, anti-yuppie sentiment, and the rise of acid house. Fabio, Happy Mondays’ Bez, and others provide the color commentary on how Manchester became so central to the burgeoning rave scene.

The Edge – Graeme Park interview

On the new Hacienda 30 comp, Peter Hook might be the most well known of the three selectors chosen to assemble the collection, but Graeme Park was likely more integral to the club’s nightly music selections as a resident there for many years. This clip features a nice little interview with Parky, along with some really great fly-on-the-wall scenery. (And if you’re jonesing for yet another similar clip from The Edge, check this one out with a very young Sasha talking about his entree into the DJ world through the Hacienda.)

Factory documentary on HACIENDA FAC51

This one’s a fun little mood piece, reportedly produced by Channel 4 in the UK, with some great inside footage of the Hacienda pre-opening and interview clips with its main players, like Rob Gretton and producer Martin Hannett.

Oliver Jones’ Hacienda report

Oliver Wilson, the son of Factory Records chief Tony Wilson, does most of the cobbling-together of stories in this excellent retrospective of the Hacienda, the club that his dad began with members of New Order back in 1982. Check out the awesome never-before-seen footage is included, along with choice words from Happy Mondays’ main man Shaun Ryder.

[Updated at 9:30am MDT on 30 Oct 2012]
A number of people have mentioned 24 Hour Party People in the comments below and rightly questioned why it’s not in the list. Since it’s not available for free viewing online, we opted not to include it in the roundup. This wonderful, surreal film is part fact and part fiction and completely worth tracking down. Have a gander at the trailer.