Crowd favorite Resident Advisor has for a couple years now been delving into some of the world’s most interesting (and often overlooked) dance-music scenes with their excellent documentary series Real Scenes. In fact, we found the production so excellent that we named their look at Detroit techno and house the best of its class.

“With Real Scenes we’re looking to put across what sets our subject cities apart from the rest of the global dance music community,” Resident Advisor editor Ryan Keeling tells us. “We try to delve into the cultural and creative climate that exists within these places, and hopefully tell you something that you didn’t already know.”

Today they released Real Scenes: Johannesburg, the fifth in the series, which explores the extremely vibrant house and kwaito scenes in one of South Africa’s largest cities. In it, Keeling and his team speak with SA legend Oskido, Black Motion, Culoe De Song, and other producers and DJs. “I guess one of the main challenges we face is that of inclusion,” says Keeling, who also served as the film’s associate producer. “There are many, many people who make enormous contributions to their scene that, due to time constraints and the general nature of these films, we’re unable to include.”

Check out Real Scenes: Johannesburg below, along with all of the other installments in the series.

Real Scenes: Johannesburg

Real Scenes: Berlin

Real Scenes: Paris

Real Scenes: Detroit

Real Scenes: Bristol