Envoy’s 1996 opus “Seawall” is a sparkling example of vintage techno soul, and one of the finest meditative moments of Soma Records’ illustrious 21-year history. It would be a daunting project to remix, but Ricardo Villalobos has conquered the task in the way that only he can: with pure idiosyncrasy.

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Envoy’s original possesses a particular ruminative quality that lends itself to this new interpretation, which is enhanced with Villalobos’ singular deep-space percussion and subterranean beat. It’s another win for the cult DJ/producer who has experienced a great return to form this year with new original releases for Perlon and Raum…musik. Soma Records are offering the “Seawall” remix exclusively on Beatport for two weeks, and it comes paired with Envoy’s excellent original version.