The flurry of activity in the dance-music world often reaches fever pitch come Friday, when the week’s big news stories have wrapped and the clubs and festivals get their sound-and-lighting rigs warmed up. All hail the weekend dance party. But will yours be filled with the sounds of Richard Simmons?

– Fitness guru Richard Simmons has, in the past, done a super-great job of making videos to get old shut-ins up out of their Barcaloungers and shakin’ a leg or two. His dance-music videos, however, leave a bit to be desired:

– Little need be said about LTJ Bukem, other than the guy is a drum & bass legend, so consider yourself lucky to cop this audio interview with him via Resident Advisor’s exchange series. (full story)

– Apparently, Deadmau5 is teaming up with the makers of the classic videogame Space Invaders for some upcoming surprises. We really can’t say what (cuz we don’t know) but it’s a lifestyle-brand partnership of some sort. (full story)

– Soul Clap’s DJ Elyte has got quite the story to tell about losing his virginity in a rave cuddle-puddle back in the ’90s. Whoa! (full story)

– Space is the place—indeed, it definitely was in the nascent days of ’60s and ’70s Afrofuturism. Check out this DJBroadcast piece on how avant jazz players like Sun Ra and Miles Davis impacted the likes of FlyLo, Ras G, and more of today’s biggest dance-music experimenters. (full story)

– Turns out Zeds Dead member Hooks isn’t just a basshead. He’s also got a steady hand with spraycans, as he proves while bombing a rooftop in this video with Thump. (full story)

– Learn more about the Drummer program in Logic Pro X with Beatport Sounds and Sounds/to/Sample expert Mike Acosta: