Berlin residents Cord and Sacha make up Robosonic, a duo that built a solid reputation in their own city over the years, but fully broke out on the international scene early on this summer with the infectious and deep party anthem “Worst Love,” which appeared on an EP of the same name for Off Recordings. Seeing as 2012 saw the German pair rise to the top of the year’s crop of new producers—and solidified their reputation as a powerful DJ partnership—it’s about time the boys gave us a taste of what they’ve been spinning lately.

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We’re starting this Weekend Weapons edition with one of our tracks. “Worst Love” was our breakthrough, and it was the first time a track of ours ever made it into the Beatport and Resident Advisor charts. We can totally feel the difference regarding bookings and so on now! It’s great, but at the same time it feels weird to us that these charts matter so much, especially because the music we make is not made to fit into a certain market, but rather because it makes us happy.

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Italian-Canadian Paolo Rocco sent us a promo of this track a few months before it was released on the quality label Real Tone, and we’ve been playing it almost every gig since! We love the feel of it, the sound design, the beat, and the vocals. Besides being very friendly and humble, Paolo Rocco is definitely a very talented producer and an experienced DJ. This one’s got our full support.

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Channel X are two super-nice guys who have been rocking it in Berlin for a long time, both as a DJ team and as a live act. We’ve crossed paths with them in various clubs and have headlined the same parties a few times in the last few years. After they released their Wonderland album on Stil Vor Talent, label head Oliver Koletzki (who remixed our first-ever Robosonic track, “Yasmin,” in 2007) asked us to remix a track from the album. We received parts to a few tunes but couldn’t decide between “Evil“ and “Slowly Falling Leaf,” so we made a remix which features parts of both tracks—the bass and stabs of “Evil” and the vocals of “Slowly Falling Leaf.”

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Wow, what a track! Sacha’s Klasse Recordings labelmate Heval has delivered one of the most touching tracks we’ve heard this year—goosebumps and emotions all over when we hear this one. It’s a perfect track to finish a club night with. We’ve seen a lot of hugging and kissing on the dancefloor whenever we played it, and we’re sure it has helped a few folks out there get laid!

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The whole Everything EP is amazing, but this track stands out to us. It borders the cheesy without being cheesy. Besides the ecstatic feelings that the vocal and the lead melodies create, it’s very well produced and compact. The bassline is awesome and the parts all fit well together.

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This track was released on Cadenza in 2009. We’ve played it countless times since then and people still come up and ask us, “What it is?” That’s why we’re giving it credit here. “La Yuca” sounds so round and smooth but at the same time powerful and big. It gives dancers time to calm down and catch their breath in the breaks, only to drop the beat back in full effect later on. You can also mix it with tons of other tracks as it has an incredibly organic bass drive, and the vocals make you feel like you’re on a holiday in Mexico.