Hailing from San Francisco’s infamous Lower Haight neighborhood, PillowTalk’s Michael Tello, Ryan Williams, and Samuel Doyle have been honing their craft as a collective over the past two years. Combining classic R&B, boogie, and disco with underground house and techno, this threesome’s eclectic roots show through on notable releases for Wolf + Lamb, Life & Death, Visionquest, and more. Building on their inventive spirit and some well-timed success, 2014 is looking to be a very big year for the trio as they put the finishing touches on their debut album, Je Ne Sais Quoi, plan to hit the road with a full live band, and drop a new exclusive Beatport mix.

What’s the concept behind the new music?

The music is a tribute to all the musical genres we love and listen to. The three of us come from such different backgrounds that we felt it was important to incorporate all the elements and instruments in order to create our definitive sound.

Where did the musical mantra “DAG” (Destroy All Genres) come from?

The concept came from a friend of ours, Gabe Lockey. We’ve always felt this way about music, but it was the first time we’d ever heard the idea coined. So we adopted it.

Why is it important for you as artists to remain open-minded and eclectic?

This is the kind of thinking that got us here today. Having an open mind lets us explore and be inspired by all walks of life, not just being confined to one specific sound. And eclecticism is what keeps things interesting and unique. It’s always important for us to make it different, ever changing.

What is your favorite experience, anecdote, or memory from 2013?

2013 has been really great to us and it’s hard to pinpoint one moment. But the highlight I think we could all agree on was the Wolf + Lamb Sonar party in Barcelona. It was one of those magical shows were the true meaning of “crew love” came to life.

What surprises do you have in store for 2014?

We’re developing a new live show that’s centered around the new album songs.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

Our greatest achievement is really the three of us coming together to form this band: how far we’ve come with it, the love we’ve accumulated, and how we decide to use it.

What would your dream musical collaboration be?

Blood Orange or George Benson.

What is the ultimate track that you’d like to remix?

That’s a hard question because you can really remix anything nowadays! Nothing really feels out of reach. And picking just one favorite track is a feat unto itself!

What’s next?

Big album tour in 2014. Asia would be a new place we haven’t toured yet.