One of the most regarded DJs in drum & bass hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which may be a remote location compared to the genre’s capital, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any fan of D&B who is unaware of DJ Marky’s legendary status. Born Marco Antonio Silva, he inaugurated his own Innerground label with “Rotation” in 2003, but his 2012 releases like “Mystic Sunset” and “Love Affair” still score high with us—and of course D&B fans—so speaking with Marky and tapping into his years of knowledge is an absolute honor. Here he gives us a look at his essential tracks.

I’ve always been a fan of Random Movement. When there wasn’t a lot of D&B coming out of the US, he was there with some outstanding tunes and I was happy to snap some of them up for the Innerground label. “Dirt Dobber” is the latest, and sees Random Movement stay true to his roots of musicality and sheer junglism.

My first solo release on the label and one of the tracks I am most happy with. It’s all about the breakdown for this one, and I think it works really well on the dancefloor. Standard Marky vibes with some serious bounce.

S.P.Y has to be one of my favorite producers. I’ve been able to watch him grow as a producer into the monster that he is now and he deserves everything he has. The debut album is fantastic, and this is one of the standout tracks for me.

I know when I get sent a tune by Break it’s gonna get played in the club that night, no doubt! “Love So True” is definitely one of those “anytime” tracks for me. It works in the club, but also in the car or at home as well. It’s a bit different to a lot of the Break stuff, which is probably why I like it so much. Deep and soulful.

Tokyo Prose is probably one of the lesser-known artists in D&B at the moment, but there are some fantastic tracks out there and “Reach” is one of them. I love the keys on this track—so simple but really effective. When it’s summertime and you need to get people moving, this is an absolute winner.

This track is crazy. I know when I drop this tune the crowd will appreciate it. It has a certain vibe that is heavy but still accessible so everyone can get down with it.