Continuing his output of what can only be lovingly described as “unparalleled, next-level shit,” Sasha’s final installment of the Involv3r album series is a transformative compilation of the producer’s own musical influences weaving themselves through an eclectic track selection, creating re-stitched, hypnotic groovers. Like you probably suspected, we bent a consistent ear here at Beatport HQ to the more dancefloor-friendly first disc and found one melancholic masterwork on repeat since Involv3r‘s release last week: Sasha’s rework of Doc Daneeka’s and Benjamin Damage’s “Battleships.”

We’d hate to pigeonhole the wintry, minor-key mastery that Sasha displays on “Battleships” with the heavily debated “p-word” genre, but in our opinion, that’s the best way to categorize the track. Forward-thinking house that does, in fact, “progress” throughout its playtime. Subtlety and a comfortable pace make “Battleships” an undeniable “progressive house” masterpiece.