As an elder statesman of the rave scene, DJ Sasha’s got decades of tales to tell. When he was but a wee’un in Wales, he’d make the trip east to Manchester’s dance-music Mecca, the Hacienda, and eventually moved to the city and took up residence at the club. Over the years he’s been interviewed countless times by all manner of media, and YouTube, being the treasure trove that it is, has got plenty of documentation, so here are our five favorite Sasha video interviews on offer.

The Edge video magazine, 1992

Sasha tells the story of how he started going clubbing in Manchester in 1988, which even then probably seemed like years away. A classic 20-year look-back from where we’re sitting now.

Global Underground interview, 1999

In 1999, Sasha released a huge mix entitled Global Underground 013: Ibiza, and it didn’t take long for it to take off. Here Sasha speaks on what the mix was about and the whole idea of where “progressive” came from.

burn studios’ Residency masterclass, 2012

Last year, Ibiza’s burn studios hosted a contest in which a number of up-and-coming DJs competed for three coveted club residencies on the island. Alongside their competition, they were treated to a series of masterclasses from industry professionals. This one features Sasha speaking on all manner of production and performance issues.

Pioneer DJ Sounds, 2011

Predictably, Sasha’s been making the rounds at Ibiza for years, and in 2011 he held down a weekly at Ushuaia. Here he tells us a bit more about his favorite beachside club.

Fringe Magazine, 2010

Sasha spent a week in South Africa, and talks about it—and his World Cup exuberance—before one of his gigs in Cape Town.

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