A recent study conducted at Montreal’s McGill University says that the reward center of our brains is stimulated when we hear new music, reports the BBC:

“To carry out the study, which took place at the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University, the scientists played 19 volunteers 60 excerpts of new music, based on their musical preferences.

As they were listening to the 30-second-long tracks, they had to the opportunity to buy the ones they liked in a mocked up online music store. All of this was carried out while the participants were lying in an MRI machine.

By analysing the scans, the scientists found that the nucleus accumbens was “lighting up” and depending on the level of activity, the researchers could predict whether the participant was likely to buy a song.”

“What’s cool is that you’re anticipating and getting excited over something entirely abstract —and that’s the next sound that is coming up,” says Dr. Valorie Salimpoor, of Toronto’s Rotman Research Institute.

Read the whole BBC piece here.

image via Mashable