Tomas Barfod’s “November Skies” walks a thin musical tightrope. “November Skies” builds with a featherweight lightness and heady groove that could make its home at a art opening or on an experimental dancefloor. And on this remix, Project Mooncircle regular Sekuoia puts his fingerprint on Barfod’s gauzy original, smothering it in a side-chain soup.

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Nina Kinert’s vocals are chopped, pitched, and chorused, and sit somewhere between lead line and vocal hook. When we asked Sekuoia how he created his signature ethereal groove, he told us, “I had been listening to the original track a lot, and when having to remix it, I was sort of afraid of not keeping those good vibes and that brilliant melody of the original in my remix, but I also wanted to give it my own vibe. So I turned down the BPM, and thought I would chop the vocals, which I sort of guess has become my thing. I used my MicroKorg quite a lot in this remix, to get these glitchy synth sounds, and give the track a drive, while keeping the beat simple yet a bit playful.” Easily the remix of the EP.